Memories of Worcester Park, Central Road c1950

I lived in Worcester Park for the first 4 years of my life, and continued to visit for another 12 years after that... and when staying with my grandmother would be sent up the street to get the daily shopping which would usually include Morleys bakery for a ''small danish'' or at the weekend a ''large bloomer'' which was (...Read full memory)

I remember Mr Morley, who owned the bakers at the corner of Longfellow Road, roping the bread delivery cart , fully loaded, to the back of his old Ford car and pulling it up the hill to his shop at the top , with the delivery man, who only had part of one arm, swinging between the shafts of the cart. The poor old delivery (...Read full memory)

The concrete streetlamps only appeared in the mid-1950s. Before then, the street lights were puny strutures housing ONE electric bulb. Everything was very dark at night. You would think that all the motorists would drive around on dipped beams, but no...Everyone drove on sidelights as use of headlamps was (...Read full memory)

Pam lived with her family in Washington Road and on leaving school at  first worked with Mr Morely the baker in his Longfellow Road shop, helping to keep the books and doing counter work. Years later when Pam was 24 we were married in St Philip's Church - now no longer there.

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