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Caption for Albury, The Silent Pool 1911: The upper of two pools that are fed by chalk springs has been a popular beauty spot since the 19th century. The tale about a lass who drowned here after an encounter with the wicked Prince John has been told to generations of visitors as if it were true. Alas, the Victorian writer Martin Tupper, who lived close by, penned it. The thatched arbour has recently been restored.

Memories of Albury

Just on the right up a slight hill and only just visible is the butcher's shop. It was part of the Albury Estate but a new butcher could not be found so it was sold out of the estate and my father, Kenneth Parker, bought it. He redesigned the interior, renaming it 'Whitecroft' after the name on an old map (...Read full memory)

I attended Albury school from 1941 to 1948. The headmaster was Mr Wareham, 2 other teachers were ;Miss Vokins and Miss Kemp. I lived in Little London and walked to school as did most of the pupils. I remember shops in the village; Pratts Stores, King the Bakers, Parfrey's Garage, chemist shop, (Mr (...Read full memory)

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