Old Maps of Aldershot

Historic Maps of Aldershot and the local area.

I was born in Louis Margaret’s Hospital in 1963. My dad was in 3 para, James Bruton nickname BUTCH. I had a serious burn on my hand whilst living in Macadam Square, not sure of number. I think at the time of my accident, my dad might of been abroad, I think another soldiers wife helped my mum Marlene get me to (...Read full memory)

Aldershot County High in early 1950s I well remember the girls in my years. I started at ACHS in September 1951, aged 10 years eight months, having taken my 11-plus when I was barely 10! I recall the Stubbs twins, Ann and Susan, not identical as we could tell them apart quite easily. They lived very near the school. Also (...Read full memory)