A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

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Evocative characters detailing our social history through the photographs in the archive.

Other Memories from Aldershot

I used to live in Denmark square and I was 11 years of age. My friend Donna Meek lived in the army quarters. We used to adventure out behind the Cambridge hospital, were there was clear signs of bunkers that had been bombed, the old railway station was at the bottom. I found an old shaft which as kids we could climb into, it appeard to run up to the hospital. We would climb in there and go to the back which was ...see more

I attended Talavera Prinary School between 1964 - 1965 aged 10-11. Anybody else attend during these dates?

I was born in Louis Margaret’s Hospital in 1963. My dad was in 3 para, James Bruton nickname BUTCH. I had a serious burn on my hand whilst living in Macadam Square, not sure of number. I think at the time of my accident, my dad might of been abroad, I think another soldiers wife helped my mum Marlene get me to hospital, I believe her name was Sheila Gordon. Wondered if anyone new her or if she had children. Be good to thank someone related to Sheila after all this time. My name is Lee Bruton

Aldershot County High in early 1950s I well remember the girls in my years. I started at ACHS in September 1951, aged 10 years eight months, having taken my 11-plus when I was barely 10! I recall the Stubbs twins, Ann and Susan, not identical as we could tell them apart quite easily. They lived very near the school. Also Jennifer Springate - with long plaits!! Another girl was Gillian New whom we teased as she had ...see more

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