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A Memory of Aldershot.

My dad was in the para 1 squad,we lived at 23 Macadam Square for about 2/3 years, I remember them as some of the happiest of my life. I know that the houses are all gone now, but just wondered if anyone else remembered us, the Eskdale family? I was only around 7 when we lived there before going back to Scotland to live. I attended a primary school that was built at the top of a hill, we used to pick up the conkers from the chestnut trees that grew there and have conker fights. Another school was built nearer the town, I went there after leaving the school on the hill. Does anyone know its name or name of headmistress? Or if its still there? Does anyone have any pics. of the square or the old school? I would so love to see it again. I live in New Zealand now so it's not likely I ever will get back for a visit. I had my tonsils out when I was around 6 at the local hospital and my brother Martin was born at the local hospital too in August 1964. I remember going to the big picture theatre with my friends and seeing Saturday morning movies, the girl always came around with a tray selling ice cream and Kia-ora orange drink. Also remember the library in town and going there sometimes with my dad to change my books, I was very excited when I got my first library card...We used to play along the river banks of the Basingstoke river, it looked deep and water was pretty dirty, with lots of reeds growing in the water... If this jogs anyone's memory, please do reply, I would LOVE to hear from you. Thanks and God Bless.

With thanks to Carolyn Reardon for this memory of Aldershot

Added 18 April 2010


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Hi Caroline, I think your school was at the top of Middle Hill. I lived in Jerome Square for about 5 years until we moved to Malaya in 1963. I had 4 younger sisters, Christine, Jean, Mairi, Fiona was born in Aldershot as was my brother Iain. Loved living there, I remember there were still air raid shelters in the square but they were dangerous and they filled them in. Love going to pictures on Saturday morning, singing the ABC song and then on the way home upMiddle hill we would play what we had watched on the way home. Hope that brings bag memories. God bless you, Libby x
Forgot to say my surname was Kitson.
Hello there .. I too lived in Macadam Square. The school at the top of the hill was called Marlborough. It had a winding stair case .. Like Titanic ... My mum used to look out of the window when we lived in Scott Moncrief Square and watch me play. We later moved to Macadam Square to be near my mums sister. My name was Deborah MacCallum, and my dad was Douglas MacCallum. My uncle was James Bruton. What you said was exactly what I did... Pictures at the ABC cinema, the chestnut trees, swinging on the lines in the square. I ACTUALLY VISITED Aldershot today. There were tears because I have so many wonderful memories there. I left in 1966 when I was 11. My best friend was Julie Shorn, I had many friends but their names have drifted away. I would love to message people on here about our good old days xxxx
The other school was Talavera school and o went there too.. It was near the pictures xx
Very pleased to come across your comments on the 'net' my story is as follows. I lived in Scott Moncrief Square until the ceiling fell down when we were moved to Jerome Sq. I guess it was from birth to approximately end of 1953 when we went to Malaya. I was 7 yrs old at that time according to my father pay book he was with the Gloucesters in Korea from there he went to Malaya. Somehow he got a posting to Kuala Lumper & my mother, sister & I were shipped out to join him. Our quarters were a nice bungalow in Kinrara about 30 minutes south of KL. I finally got to visit Malaysia in 2000 where to my amazement I was able to direct a taxi & found the bungalow. We have made many friends in Malaysia & have had several wonderful holidays there since. Re Aldershot I can recall seeing the Queens coronation in the cinema at the bottom of the hill which many of you talk about. I recall having a cyst out of my right foot in St Margaret's hospital. I went to school at the top of the hill, names Escape me these days. I've just told my wife a funny story, I'd gone missing pulling my Mum 's iron by the lead thinking it was a puppy I was outside the cinema when a jeep with 2 Red Caps in it asked me my name (David Parcell) & said your Mums worried about you get in the back. I plan to visit Aldershot within the next few months.
I lived at no 7 then 84 macadam square from 1954 to 58 with my parents and older brother david, happy memories playing on the swings in the middle, also remember the christmas parties at the naafi, went to the school at the top of the hill, was it manor road school,my surname was barnham, and my best friend was roseanna fitzpatrick

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