Barking, Upney Lane c.1910

Memories of Barking

Thanks to all for bringing back memories. I was born at 66 Napier Road, East Ham. I moved to Essex in 1958 and later emigrated to New Zealand. I have good memories of Muddies Pie and Mash, jellied eels and whelk stalls. I still remember people I knew back then, including my best mate Mavis who I have recently reconnected (...Read full memory)

I am Barking born and bred on 25.04.1921 and lived in Fanshaw Avenue which was not far from Eastbury House. I have now reached the age of 92 and would like to share a memory which until very recently I kept to myself. I remember the old creepy Eastbury House which was then untenanted and sustained damage (...Read full memory)

I was born in Upney Hospital in early 1951, the youngest of six children. We lived with our parents in North Street. When I was two our parents split up and my dad eventually 'won' custody of myself and the brother next up to me, four years my senior. Dad had been disabled during the Second World War and, as such, was (...Read full memory)

My fourth set of memories carries on with shops in Barking. Previously I had recalled those along from Fanshawe Avenue to the station. Over the other side past Cambridge Road was Lloyds bank on the corner, my wife and I had a savings account there before we were married. Also in this block was (...Read full memory)

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