Carnforth, Barge On The Canal 1918

Memories of Carnforth

I too, was born in Kellet Road No.128 and I remember well the Co.op bakery as my dad worked there for a while. After school on Fridays we went to see him at work and were given a cake by the manageress.

I remember Market Street, with its shops,cenotaph and the County Hotel on the left hand side of this junction (out of sight!). I lived on Preston Street from 1951 to approx 1966 and went to Carnforth North Road school. My surname was Newcome then. We used to go to the County Hotel for our school (...Read full memory)

This was the street I was born on, although not in 1906! The house I was born in was number 110, which is the next house on the left - just off the photograph (although it wasn't built in 1906). Behind the terrace on the left was the Cooperative stables and bakery. By the time I was born in 1951 the stables had become the (...Read full memory)

Angela, the selling out shop was a must when we got our pocket money. And our Christmas parties at the County were just brill. The school was too small for all the pupils and the senior classes were in the Congregational Church school rooms in Hawk Street. We seemed to be always walking back and forth to the school or to the drill hall for P.E.

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