Memories of Carshalton, St Helier Hospital c1961

Oh!!! It is absolutely wonderful to find this site. I trained as an RN at St. Helier's Hospital in from 1964-1968. I have lived  in the USA since 1974. I have always wanted to find someone who knew about St. Helier's. I talked with someone about it today and she suggestesd I try the internet, and there it is. I am so excited I can hardly concentrate. I want to know if anyone out there knows of a reunion or ...see more

I lived at Thornton Road from 1960 when I was born and left home in 1985.

This is a picture of me at Ferguson House at the formal function we had once a year. Can't even remember the details. Anyone remember? I would love to find Chantal Duvivier from France and Dawm Abraham from South Africa. Anyone know either of them? What about a reunion? I want to be involved. Joyce Raymond

I was on the ward for TB patients in 1952 waiting for a lobectomy. I am now 76 and have survived. I was wondering if any old patients look at this site. I was Pat Fisher then, and have so many memories of in spite of our illness we had such laughs most of the time. I was there for about 1 year and before that in Cumberland House in Mitcham for two years, and what fun we had there!! I wonder if Yvonne ...see more

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