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Looking through some of these memories has brought back some happy times. I left Caversham Sec' Mod' in 1958 and within 3 weeks I was in the navy. There were many happy times at school though, especially those ballroom sessions at lunchtimes. There were the periods with Nagger Nash doing maths ( not very enjoyable). (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Burtons motor accessories in Church Rd Caversham? When I had my first car, a 1934 Standard Nine I was always in the shop buying parts for it. Also for my following motors, A35, Austin Healey and MG Midget they always needed something, a battery, brake parts, oil, filters, hoses, antifreeze etc those (...Read full memory)

Lived at Piggotts Road adjacent to Caversham Mill in 1954 to 1966. As kids. View Island & the river area were wonderful; fishing below the mill, swimming View Island. In an old gypsy caravan along Mill Green lived Johny Edwards, a scrap dealer who collected mainly old metal on a handcart. He would shout at us (...Read full memory)

'The Clappers' as my dad would say.... 1980 I would spend many hours here pike fishing, there used to be an old guy that used to hang around hoping someone would offer their catch to him for his tea.

I went to the Hill primary school and then to Caversham secondary modern school. I left there in 1963. I lived at Kings Road. We used to play down the rec and view island. We would play skipping and marbles in the street, there were not many cars in them days. I used to go to the Regal and Glendale pictures with my brother. He (...Read full memory)

I lived in Southview Avenue, schools were Hill Primary and Caversham Secondary Modern . I left in 1959 and went to Reading Art College (Kings Road) and then Reading Process Engraving Co. I attended St John's Church, St John's Road. I remember fishing at Caversham, sailing model boats on the 'lido', circus and fairs at Kings (...Read full memory)

I used to have my hair cut in the barber shop on Bridge St usually before going to Saturday morning cinema. I also did a paper round for the newsagent on the bridge, the round was in Caversham Heights where I lived in Albert Road. School was at Caversham Secondary Modern, I really enjoyed school great time. Left there in 1959. any one remember the school plays and ballroom dancing?

I lived in Caversham  in 1970-1972 at 11A Bridge Street, above the hairdresser's shop. It was owned by a Mr Simmonds, who was our landlord. There was a newspaper shop about 3 doors up from where we lived. There were our friends, the Hyetts - Clive, Louis, and their mum. There was the pub across the road run by a (...Read full memory)