Chatham, Main Gate, Hm Dockyard c.1955

Memories of Chatham

Was anyone involved in the terrible accident that took place on 3rd December 1951, when Royal Naval Cadets were mowed down by a bus? Over 20 cadets died, mainly on the back row, they were new recruits who never had their full uniforms, only their hats. Me and my brother were new recruits but could not make the march that day. I never went back to the cadets after that, I was so upset.

Looking for Rita who worked in the garage on new road bygibralter house in the 1960s, Rita lived in cambridge terrace and my maiden name was Gage,im on face book as Lin Smeed please leave message Rita xx

I was 4 years old when my parents moved to 17 New Road, Chatham. It was 1937 - my father had a Radio and Electrical Business (Wholesale) he had been a traveller previously and wanted to have a more settled existance - he was still delivering but locally around Kent, instead of all around the South of (...Read full memory)

I was to march that day as well. My friend and I both went to the dockyard that morning. My friend's name was Peter Jerard, we were told we could not march because our new suit had not come in and we were not allowed to march in our old clothes. The night before I had gone to the cadets swimming (...Read full memory)

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