Chepstow, 'severn King' Ferry, Beachley 1950
Photo ref: C77097
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It is fourteen years after No 87417 (p.19) was taken, and the Severn King is showing signs of wear and tear. It appears that passengers would have been well advised to wear Wellington boots! On some crossings the vehicles were packed in so tightly that people could not get out, which must have been rather claustrophobic, especially on choppy trips.

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For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Chepstow

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Can still see the smoke in photograph of the old council refuge tip ( just off centre l/h side top of pic..) which was at the end of the Chepstow golf club the rubbish in those days being tipped virtually onto the edge of the woods above the banks of the river Wye . The golf club itself was in front of the old mansion and stretched forward right to the clubhouse was just situated just as you came out of the woods ...see more
I went to this folk festival for the first time this year and got some memories that I will never forget!  Exciting music and dance memories at the entertainment venues around Chepstow plus a never to be forgotten rain soaked camping experience on the Chepstow racecourse along with woeful sanitation! The dance display teams are a crucial and vital element to any folk festival. The  Two ...see more
I hope I am not mistaken, but this building looks very much like the old Chepstow Cottage Hospital. I lived and worked at Sedbury in the 1970's and I am sure this is where we used to bring our youngsters (from SPS) to be treated.
My Grandfather, Reginald Cornish, is standing in front of the car (waiting to embark) in the centre of the photo. He was County Engineer for Monmouthshire. I still live in Chepstow and the buildings to the top and left were demolished after the Severn Bridge was built directly above the slip way.