Dagenham, Church Street c.1950

Memories of Dagenham, Church Street c1950

I was married in this church 40 years ago. It was where the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, worshipped. the buildings on the right have been demolished. There used to be a bank, I think it was Barclays, and a small motor repairers called Davies Bros.

At the far end of this parade of shops stood Ledgers the greengrocers, which was owned and run by the Ledger family for many years. I worked there on Saturdays and holidays with their eldest son Jamie; he and I did a lot of growing up together over those years! Jim, Jamie's father, had a Ford Thames van with (...Read full memory)

There was a rag and bone man on Church Street whom we knew as Charlie. Every week local housewives would gather in his yard to buy secondhand clothing and toys which he would auction from the back of a cart laden with an assortment of items which he had collected earlier. The women would stand in a group (...Read full memory)

So many years ago but I can remember everything like it was yesterday. Mrs Truman's cafe near the church, just a shed really, the sweet shops, hairdressers, bike shop, cafe, pie and mash shop, my mum ran that pawn shop, I lived above that in 1967, just 2 rooms. Park school we went to. Sparshots think it was (...Read full memory)

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