Dagenham, Nanny Goat Common c.1950

Memories of Dagenham, Nanny Goat Common c1950

This photo was taken from in front of the Civic Centre in Dagenham. On the left of the photo is the Three Travellers pub, it is still there now in 2012. On the opposite side of the road is the Ship and Anchor pub, I think that is what it it is called. The area was always known as the Fiddlers, after the Fiddlers (...Read full memory)

My friend used to live in one of the small cottages on Nannygoats Common. I think there was a scrap metal merchant who also lived in same row, I think his name was Tiny Wakefield. Today flats and more flats dominate this area, the old junior school was pulled down to make way for 'progress'. I have happy memories of (...Read full memory)

I will always remember it as in photo, happy days

I lived in Homestead Road 1951 - 1963. The pub was 'The Merry Fiddlers'.

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