Ordnance Survey Map Prints

Beautifully detailed prints of first-edition Ordnance Survey maps, hand-drawn between 1840 and 1930. Packed with fascinating, finely-reproduced detail, they cover 2 miles by 1 mile.

In 1791 the Board of Ordnance established a body to survey Britain; the first 1-inch map, which showed Kent, was produced in 1801. The other counties of the United Kingdom followed. Surveying involved the laborious measuring and mapping of a myriad topographical features, including hills, roads, field boundaries, houses and woods.

These special first-edition maps were updated as the Victorian age progressed; new roads and railways were added, and major new buildings such as factories, gas and water works marked. It is from these enhanced 6-inch maps that the Frith Ordnance Survey maps have been created.

Prices range from £42 to £295

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Framed Map Prints

Real wood, bespoke quality Framed Prints in a wide range of sizes and styles. Every Framed Print is signed on the back by the member of our team that made it for you, in exactly the style you selected. Delivered ready to hang.

Mounted Map Prints

For when you want to work with your local framer or need a gift that is lighter to carry. High quality double mounts with bevel cut aperture and in colours that compliment our Prints. Will arrive wrapped and ready to frame.

Canvas Map Prints

For a large impact and a fresh approach to nostalgia try our rich prints on heavy-duty canvas in sepia or black & white, stretched over a 38mm frame. They provide extraordinary detail at vivid, evocative sizes.

Presentation Map Prints

Add a personal inscription to our Premium Range of framed prints to commemorate a special occasion. Select an existing map or customise its location to commemorate a specific location/occasion.

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