Old Maps of Downderry

Historic Maps of Downderry and the local area.

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Downderry from other years.

My Grandfather, a former Police Sergeant, lived in Downderry and we lived there for periods in my childhood. I believe I recall Carolyn Blake, who writes one of the memories on this site. I certainly recall a Carolyn whose father, I think, was post master. I, too, was one of the boys who spent many hours out (...Read full memory)

I was born in a house called Threeways in the centre of the village. I think it used to be an Offficer's mess during the war and then became a Country Club long after we moved out. The building no longer exists and has been replaced by a small cul-de-sac (also called Threeways). The local shop was run by the Toms family and (...Read full memory)