Egham, High Street c.1955

Memories of Egham

I was born in Englefield Green in July 1954 we lived at 60 Alexander Road and I went to St Jude's Infant school and then on to the Junior School which was next door, it was only a minutes walk from our home. We used to live next door to Ted and Betty Gallon and there daughter Charmine who I played with often, on the (...Read full memory)

I moved to Alexandra Road with my family when I was about 2 years old and then went on to attend St Jude's infants school, actually in my road when I was 5. Friends at the time were Sarah Miller and Yoland Cawley. I loved school and would get 3d from my nan to go to Jarmans the sweet shop on St Jude's Road. The (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1960 in Delham Ave and grew up at 1 the Crescent with my two brothers and sister. My father, Ronald Wykes, took the steam train to Waterloo each day as he was a banker in the city. After he retired he took up a strong interest in local history by chairing the Egham Historical Society. Egham station, had a (...Read full memory)

My grandmother used to own and run the nursing home at Northdene on Egham Hill (just where it joined at Middle Hill). I believe it burned down a few years ago and was rebuilt as flats at Northdene Court. I lived there with my grandmother during the mid sixties until I moved up to Edinburgh in '71 after my grandmother died. My uncle (...Read full memory)

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