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Memories of Fovant

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I am trying to find out about a person who was evacuated to fovant in September 1941 or there about his name is Joe Williams , I don't no anything about him except when he went to fovant he stayed with a family called Target and they owned the butchers shop in fovant , he also joined the church choir . in1952 mydadRonald Braybrook (...Read full memory)

First holidays I remember 1939 and 1940. We stayed on a farm in Fovant, owned by the Brashers. The farmhouse was very old, had a thatched roof and a huge kitchen chimney with hams hung in it. My great uncle Fred Allen and Aunt Hannah  used to live in a very small cottage up the lane from the farm - it was one of a row of cottages (...Read full memory)