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Thus Glasgow ended up with four railway termini but not a single through line, and to this day passengers have to walk or take a shuttle bus between Central and Queen Street. Buchanan Street Station was the poor relation of the termini, little more than a large wooden shed painted red-brown. It was demolished in 1966, and lines to the north thereafter operated out of Queen Street; its site is now occupied by the Royal Concert Hall. St Enoch Station was another victim of rationalisation and retrenchment, and its lines were transferred to Central. The grand edifice was gutted and used as a car-park before its demolition in 1977 to make way for the St Enoch Centre constructed in 1981-89, a vast shopping complex which looks more like a railway station than the building it replaced.

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"The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street" as the Bank of England is known maintained a small office in Glasgow fir many years. It was on the north side of St VIncent Place and I worked there between 1975 and 1978. On fine summer days I would cycle to the bank from my home in East Kilbride about 15 miles to the south but I rarely had the energy to pedal the whole way home in the evenings as there is ...see more

We used to go to Art Gallery & Museum on Sundays, especially if it was raining. We took the tramcar from Possilpark right to the door. My sister and our four brothers spent many happy hours there looking in wonder at all the amazing things in the display cabinets. We did not appreciate the art until much later, especially when we had to pay one shilling to stand in line to view Salvador Dali's painting of ...see more

Hello Glaswegians, my father used to tell us tales as children. He told us about a boat he was on many years ago . The boat was in the ocean and tipped over and children were drowned. This was many years ago, but in a park in Glasgow somewhere a memorial was put up for these children - a statue of some king I believe. I am being vague as dad told us so many years ago. Is anyone or ...see more

I was born and brought up in Possilpark from 1937 until 1958 and do not remember this mural. I guess things have to change, and I must admit the mural is very colourful and well done. I remember the Blind Asylum, the Co-op, Saracen Cross, St. Theresa's Church, all on Saracen Street (if my memory serves me correctly). My little brother and I used to go into the Co-op and watch the men in their white coats measuring out ...see more

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