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Memories of Haytor Vale, Moorland Hotel 1906

Hello. I see that Linda, daughter of Mac - our old Maître D - has posted a memory of the Moorland. So nice to hear from you Linda and to know that your memory has not failed you. It's so sad to hear that your dear father has now died, as I well remember him and all the splendid work he did for us in the (...Read full memory)

It was a Trust House Hotel when I worked there in the bar for a few years up to 1964. By that time it was very much larger than the photograph shows. The manager was Mr. Trew. It never made any money due to the short season. When it burnt down about 1967/8 it was left almost derelict for many years until purchased by a (...Read full memory)

I worked at Moorlands with Chef Freddie Davis, a Basque Chef, great man, brandy and a garlic clove before we started the day, had a pastry cook who drove an Austin Champ. I believe the manager was called Smith. Freddie gave me a Chefs recommendation to the Kitchens of the Dorchester, where i spent several great years (...Read full memory)

We spent part of our honeymoon here in April 1968. I had a tummy bug and used to go down to dinner not daring to look at my husband's plate full of food. All I had was a cup of coffee. He had saved up for a long time to take me to a nice hotel where we could ride. We had met at a Trust House in Hertfordshire where I (...Read full memory)

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