Old Maps of Holywell

Historic Maps of Holywell and the local area.

I remember in the 1960s a little shop in Greenfield road run by Captain and Mrs Delano Osborne. I only vaguely remember the Captain, he died about 1957, but his wife carried on and died in 1969. My Grandfather used to supply them with tobacco and confectionary for the shop. Mrs Osbourne was often at my (...Read full memory)

My Great, Great Grandfather was born in Greenfield, Holywell. On the 22nd January 1833, can anyone help me find the records or tell me were the parish records can be found so I can see them for myself. He was baptised on the 5th February 1834 at Chester Road, Wesleyan Methodist Church, Holywell. Many thanks, Alex Matthews. matthewsalex@virginmedia.com