Old Maps of Hooley

Historic Maps of Hooley and the local area.

Vividly remember my paper round from Fords Newsagents Along the Brighton Road then up Dean lane in1958/59 Cold mornings made a warmish area in the doorway with the papers which were delivered at 4,30 am,It was hardwork at that age A big round, Then back to Clover Hill before going to Woodcote School on the 414 bus.Everything has changed now the M25 is open onto A23

Our family lived in The Fruit Shop (the shop currently sells doors) between 1958-’64. Mum and Dad served customers with the support of Mrs Garner,a rotund jolly lady who lived in Star Lane. Dad could often be seen delivering ‘Pink Parrafin’ to houses in Hooley, Netherne and Chipstead in his little (...Read full memory)