Hythe, School Of Musketry 1890

Memories of Hythe, School of Musketry 1890

My father W C Smith was QM. at Hythe From 1919 to 1940. Rising From RQMS. to Major QM when the school moved to Bisley. I was born in Bevan House, Sandgate in 1928, and lived at Military House within the barracks. I went to school at St Leonard's church school. I also remember seeing the Graf Zeppelin passing over about 1937-8.

The original site of the School of Musketry is no more, having been demolished to make way for a modern supermarket, but I remember using the nearby army firing ranges. My first encounter was with 39 Signal Regiment in the late 1960's for our annual "Range Day", and the routine was to shoot the old 762 self (...Read full memory)

My grandmother, Kate Elizabeth Wicks, was born in Hythe on 16 June 1887. She was a Roman Catholic and attended the school run by The Austin Friars Church, in Hythe. They lived in Eltham. She married my grandfather on 18 August 1913 and the service was officiated by Father Richard A O'Gorman OSA. She (...Read full memory)

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