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Here is the Congregational Chapel on the right and the Post office in the Centre distance of the picture. The Congregational Chapel is on the ground where the Spar is now and the Post office is on the ground in the other picture dated 1909.

hi there i was looking at the photo of the liskeard post office 1912 / and would like to mention that the Premises on the right was a motor repair garage i believe / which belong to one of my great uncles whos surname was jago/ being a brother of my great grandmother who (...Read full memory)

Hi, does anyone in St Cleer have any fond memories of my late husband, Arthur Mitchell? He was raised in Rose Cottage and he is buried in the chapel in St Cleer with his late parents, Alice and Len. Arthur was driving for Darley Ford coaches when I met him in 1982. I would love to hear from anyone. Regards Sue

I'm pretty sure this was the Grammar school. Not sure when it changed into the Grammar School though. Perhaps I should have paid more attention! It expanded over the years with many temporary buildings added at various times. When I attended 1966-73 there were close on 400 pupils ranging from 11-19. One of whom decided he (...Read full memory)

I lived in Higher Lux Street, attended Liskeard Secondary modern school and was a choir boy at St Martins parish church. Mr Andrews was not only the Headmaster but also the "choir master". When my voice started to break I left the choir and became a bell ringer. My best memory from those days was the (...Read full memory)

I was brought up in Menheniot and attended Liskeard Secondary during the early to mid 1960s, my maiden name was Harris. Sports days were always a big event at the school and very well organised. How fantastic that you went on to represent the county. I think I just about remember you. Mr Andrews was a wonderful (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Moorswater and went to Liskeard Sec. I have many great memories of my days there. I was lucky enough to be very successful at sport but my first taste of athletics will stay long in my memory. It took place at the interschool sports at Brickfields, I was in the junior boys 70 yards hurdles. The (...Read full memory)

I own part of the building which is the second one on the left of the photo. Many years ago there was another building on the end, on the corner of Market St and Well Lane. Our building is now the Fat Frog Cafe and lots of customers come in and tell us that our cafe used to be Boots. However, from some of the more (...Read full memory)