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Gone Fishing

Theme Calendar - Gone Fishing

Featuring 12 captioned photos of Gone Fishing. A4 sized calendar, opening to A3.

Memories of Marlow

I grew up in Marlow during the 60s. I have wonderful memories of a really free childhood of bike rides, exploring the woods, rowing a very old boat on the river, even swimming which my mum never found out about , and just general messing about! We used to go to Marlow Common and play in the trenches, or trek through the (...Read full memory)

A wealth of memories flood in: Saturday morning pictures followed by sausages from Clarkes, the Butchers made by "Uncle" Len Roblett with whom I and my brother were evacuated from London together with his wife "Aunt" Rosie and their sons Goosey & Dadle up Munday Dean. Visits to the sweet shop in old Dean (...Read full memory)

Harleyford was my weekend home for some twenty years when the Foley Brothers turned the place into an exclusive caravan park, we had a small boat and would go shopping into Marlow or up to Henley. It was probably one of those idyllic places, the manor house was a small restaurant where I worked with the Desmonds and met all (...Read full memory)

My father was born in Marlow and mother had already made 2 very good friends before she met and married him.  As a result we as children (I was the eldest of 6) found it a wonderful haven to be welcomed at their home on countless occasions as we were growing up.  We lived in London, each journey was an adventure going to (...Read full memory)

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