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Memories of Mildenhall

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I remember the old Bussen and Parkins in Mildenhall High Street burning down. I was only young then but have lived in Mildenhall most of my life. It was the night it burned down I was with my parents, coming home from visting my gran in Gazley village near Newmarket. We was just coming up to Barton Mills and we saw (...Read full memory)

I was born (1940) and raised in Mildenhall, in one of the old flint cottages in Kingsway, (now the Mildenhall Museum) almost opposite the fish and chip shop (Snushalls?) and after a couple of moves left Mildenhall in 1955 to join the RAF and travel the world. The cottage where I was born ('Fern Villa') has long (...Read full memory)