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Memories of New Parks

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I attended this school from 1962 to 1965 and overall it was not a bad experience the head there at the time was Reg Payne and the deputy heads name was Jones. I don't of course recall all the teachers but here are a few; T C Jones (PE/Maths), Mr King (Art), Mr Williams (PE) and Mr Flude (Art - I seem to recall he (...Read full memory)

The building in your picture was called the 'new shops'. I recall going up there with my dad when it was being built. It must have been before 1960 I guess. I was born in 1949. The shops in that block included Boots, Wilkinsons, Forbouys, Greasleys, and the Co-op I believe. Behind the shops was the library, which (...Read full memory)