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Caption for Normanton, The Library C1955: Local pit manager Sir William Garforth, who donated 250 books, opened this Carnegie Library on 29 May 1907. The library was in the grounds of Hawhill Park - a perfect place for learning and recreation. Books were issued here for the final time on Friday 26 October 2001. Since then, a more modern facility has been opened next to the new swimming baths.

Memories of Normanton

Does anyone remember Dodsworth Institute, and where it was located? Presumably it was in the Woodhouse/St John's area

Does anyone have old photos of Baker Lane or Canal Road in Stanley, or any information about the Littlewood family that lived there in the early 1900's - please help if you can, thank you .....Peter Littlewood.

I've lived in Tyldesley, Lancs all my life, but I remember working in Normanton in 1967.  We used to travel all over the country, erecting sectional buildings. When in Normanton we built an extension on to the clubhouse of a local dog track [does anyone remember it?].

My dad grew up in Loscoe, his parents and their parents too; my dad is 69 now. When I was a young un', there was only Mr Mason's shop, the old school and the Loscoe Villas still left in Loscoe - I am 41! Dad rented out the old school when it closed for his truck business and we lived a 4 Loscoe Villas. (...Read full memory)

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