Rochester, Eastgate House 1894

Memories of Rochester

Can anyone please shed any light on what was (or is) an old fort or folly in woodland behind the Lawn Tennis club off Maidstone Road? I have a photo but I'm not sure it would come out well scanned. I remember as a kid we walked slightly off the walking track and scrambled down a slope into copse (...Read full memory)

I took part in a simple survey of Restoration House in the early 1990s when the Local Authority were considering buying the property from the children's entertainer Rod Hull (of Emu fame). He had fallen into disastrous financial circumstances, partly through his labour of love in trying to restore Restoration (...Read full memory)

The Rochester Sweeps festival celebrates the traditional May Day holiday that chimney sweeps used to enjoy. It is a glorious mixture of dancing, music and dressing up with visitors from all over Britain bringing their entertainment to Rochester High Street each year. The festival attracts (...Read full memory)

My family moved to Rochester during the war ( a naval family). We lived in Union Street until it was demolished for the new police station. We had a small gang, four strong and we roamed far and wide during the long summer holidays...mostly up to mischief! The area was mostly in its war time state, anti tank (...Read full memory)

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