Rochester, The Cathedral From The Castle c.1960

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Memories of Rochester

I lived at the Castle Tea Rooms from 1953 untill 1976, my mother and father ran the tea rooms. I would love to hear from anyone who passed over the doorstep to enjoy my mum's scones.

I was a milk boy for Bourne and Hilliers in the 1970s. I would oftern go to the Red Lion after my rounds on pay day for a pint or two and throw some darts - Tom was the landlord of the Red Lion at that time. Where the police warden stands in this picture now sits a round about. The pub and dairy are now long gone.

I took part in a simple survey of Restoration House in the early 1990s when the Local Authority were considering buying the property from the children's entertainer Rod Hull (of Emu fame). He had fallen into disastrous financial circumstances, partly through his labour of love in trying to restore Restoration (...Read full memory)

I remember being in St. Barts Hospital in 1961 or 1962, aged 11 or twelve, to have my appendix removed. At that time there was a construction worker recovering from a very serious injury received while working on the bridge. His whole arm had been removed, leaving him only his right shoulder.I met (...Read full memory)

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