Savernake, Forest Station 1907
Photo ref: 57217
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Photo ref: 57217
Photo of Savernake, Forest Station 1907

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There were two stations at Savernake, an Upper and Lower; one served the Great Western Company, the other the Midland SW Junction. Note the sack trolley on the right, the Gentlemen sign, the notice boards, the footbridge over the track: these functional items can still be seen today in some stations, ninety years later.

A Selection of Memories from Savernake Forest

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Savernake Forest

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Hi , I used to work at the Savernake Forest Hotel in 1970/71. I looked after the the hunt horses which were stabled at the back of the Hotel. I had a room nearest to the back door so I could easily get to work. 2 of the Horses I looked after belonged to Lord and Lady Savernake, 'Kismet and Cinderella' .I rode them everyday to keep them fit for the winter hunts. I also attended a Christmas party at Lord ...see more
During the summer of 1942 my uncle who was an American soldier lived in several place in the Savernake Forest and eventually was billeted in "the big house" (Tottenham House)and kept a wonderful journal. I will cut and paste a few short passages as space is limited. "Yesterday we did a little moving and as a result I’m now living in the Big House in a small room, one of the two hundred odd. I suppose ...see more
I once worked in a Cottage Hospital, situated on the edge of Savernake Forest in the West Country. The hospital doctors were also the local General Practitioners. The wards consisted of one surgical and one maternity ward and a third ward which was comprised of everything else, all mixed up together. In one bed there was an elderly lady with heart failure and ...see more
Savernake Forest is significant to me because this was the chosen halfway point on our family's mid+ 1950's long road journey from Hereford to Portsmouth for our annual summer holidays. Here, my stepfather, Lt.Colonel H.R.W*****, MA,RAEC, future OBE and general SOB, would pull the old Hillman off the road among the massive roots of this ancient, historic forest's huge oaks and my ...see more