St Austell, The Roundabout c.1955

Memories of St Austell

My name is Sandra Palmer [nee Ricks] and I lived in 23 Harnage Road until it was demolished for redevelopment. Lived there with my parents, Florrie and Len, sister Yvonne and my nan Ada Davis. I went to St. George's School and remember many of my teachers - Miss Masters in the nursery,Mrs Richardson [who I (...Read full memory)

I lived in Coalville in 1940. My father was a Police Inspector and we lived at the Vaughan Street Police station. There were two flats, the other was occupied by Dad's Sergeant. The Court used to sit upstairs in another part of the building. I went to Bridge Road School, starting as an infant. I remember that there was a (...Read full memory)

I remember my first concert there. It was fantastic - Adam and the Ants. I was 14! It was a long time ago. My mum still lives in St. Austell but I live in Plymouth. Wonderful memories from my younger days as I'm now 44. My name back then was Maria Searle and I went to Poltair, I wonder if anyone knows me?

The Rivera!! Once a week after school in 1964- 65, a group of us (mostly 6th-formers from the Grammar School, which was co-ed by that time) used to gather upstairs in the Rivera Restaurant (on the right in the photo) and order tea and buttered teacakes - all we could afford - and we'd make them (...Read full memory)

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