Staines, Duncroft 1895

Memories of Staines

I was born at 30,Cherry Tree Ave , in 1940 ,being a war baby we grew up hearing the sirens ,my mother would pull down the Blackouts ( like a roller blind but covered in a thick black material) then many children would come to our house and we would all scamper under the big table( which had steel over the top and down the (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Johnson & Clarks department store? It used to be the place to go for school uniforms. It was like Grace Brother's department store from the comedy TV show "Are you being served?". I tried to find some old photos, but to no avail. Before it was demolished, it sat on the opposite corner from where (...Read full memory)

1954-1959, say?? Perhaps earlier too. This section of the River looks v. close to the area off the top of Thames or Bridge Street (?) known as The Staines "Lammas". A number of pools and play areas, with a swimming pool set into the River itself. Such a trek by 'bus to get there. I don't think anyone would do it today. But (...Read full memory)

We were married at St Mary's on Christmas Eve 1967, and had our reception at the Phoenix. I had lived in Staines from 1945 until getting married. I went to Shortwood common school, Kingston Road, and Matthew Arnold. We lived for a short time at George Street then Rosefield Road. Over the years though all the family (...Read full memory)

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