Staines, Duncroft 1895

Memories of Staines

We had some very happy family picnics on Knowle Green. There was a small stream in which we used to play with our fishing nets and catch small fish and other water creatures. There were also plenty of wild flowers on the edge of the stream and dragon flies. There was also on the Green a herd of dairy cows brought (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember Johnson & Clarks department store? It used to be the place to go for school uniforms. It was like Grace Brother's department store from the comedy TV show "Are you being served?". I tried to find some old photos, but to no avail. Before it was demolished, it sat on the opposite corner from where (...Read full memory)

This memory has been posted by The Francis Frith Collection on behalf of John Craig. I was born in Staines in 1937 and lived there until I joined the RAF in 1955 and following that moved to Cornwall. My father owned a garage business (Craigs Garage) on Laleham Rd, Staines from the 1920's until the 50's. I would like (...Read full memory)

Eight months after I had my first baby Nadia Kersey-Brown, I went to live with my parents Clifford and Kay McLaglen at "Lock Ahoy" over-looking the Lock. I stayed from April 1967 until Jan 1968 and helped with the garden and cooking until my husband signed up at Fartown in Huddersfield now (...Read full memory)

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