Old Maps of Thurgoland

Historic Maps of Thurgoland and the local area.

Memories of Thurgoland

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My mother and her family lived in Ramsden row in Thurgoland, and their name was Caswell. My mum was Dorothy Joan and her elder sister was Gertie, who became, I think, Heap when she married. I believe the Heaps lived further along the lane from Ramsden Row, but I was quite young when we last visited (I'm talking about the (...Read full memory)

First a little bit of history. There is a double cottage on Thurgoland Bank overlooking Cheesebottom, it was built by my Great Grandfather John Tufft around 1880. He was a Shingler at Wortley Lower Forge, having moved his family down from Tipton some years earlier. He brought up his family here, seven children (...Read full memory)