Other Memories from Torpoint

This photograph of Torpoint, Fore Street and Ferry Queue brings back memories of when I joined the Royal Navy at HMS Fisgard in January 1955. We were not allowed ashore, the term used on RN establishments and ships, during the first four weeks of our New Entry Period. When we were allowed out I well remember walking from HMS Fisgard down to the ferry, paying one penny as a foot pasenger, and then walking from the Devonport ...see more

I grew up on Antony Road in Torpoint and before there were 3 ferries and a queuing system I can remember the ferry queue stretching past our house and up the hill almost out of the town. Opposite our house was the 'Regal' cinema (now a gym and swimming pool) which was very convenient for us children - we just crossed the road and watched whatever they were showing every Saturday afternoon - it was noisy, messy and cheap!

I was born in Tor House Torpoint in 1933.  Tor House was purchased by my Grandfather R S G Norgate, Royal Navy, in the early 1900s.  My Uncle Dr Robert Norgate inherited the property in 1934.  My Brother Joseph and I lived with my Mother Louise Greaves at Tor House until we came to Australia in April 1949.  In my memories of Torpoint, and the outbreak of war, we were living at Carbeile House, which my parents at the ...see more

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