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Memories of Bisley

My memories of growing up in bisley are newer then the ones on here I grew up in the 1970's my grandad lived on bisley common and when the houses were built on Shaftesbury road he brought on of the first ones which my mum was born In and. And I went to bisley C of E school along with my brothers we had great fun playing in the woods opposite our house and at the park on the witches hat.

I was at Bisley from autumn of 1955 at age 13 & left in the summer of 1958 My House No. was 262. A few mates whose names I remember 'Ned' Kelly, John Clark (from Southend) 'Granny' Green, Roy Potts & Angus (from Brighton). Plus an old 'Bisley' boy, known as Pot Farrow (stuck in my (...Read full memory)

My mam and dad split up and I was sent to Bisley. At first I was hard to get used to but I made a lot of friends. My first house was Trojans then went up to Ironsides. Barry Evans told us stories that he made up after lights out and took Billy Bunter off to a t. Mr Burrage was in charge and (...Read full memory)

My grandfather died in 1928 after having been gassed in WW1. I have a postcard from him to my uncle dated March 1928. The house looks somewhat different from the photo here but I have no idea when the photo printed was taken.

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