Cambridge, Hills Road War Memorial 1923

Memories of Cambridge

1970-1971'ish, there was a homeless man named Trevor Hughes who used to wander the streets around the Guildhall and the market. He always wore a daffodil in his hat and was the local character. The probation officers made sure he got his medications. He used to smash a window every Christmas so he could go to Bedford jail (...Read full memory)

My memories refer to 1960 through to 1963 (I think!). I was in charge of String Tuition for the Education Department with our HQ in the Guildhall and a storage room for instruments in the bowels of the building. I remember Ludo Stewart who was Music Adviser and David Bass and Sam Grice (both staff teachers with (...Read full memory)

I remember Trevor, he often sat by the fountain in the market sqaure. A real character.

Like Marion DelFavero, I remember Trevor Hughes. He used to sit on the fountain steps in the middle of market square. My brother was in 'the Force' in those days and he used to say when the weather was really bad you could expect Trevor in for the night. Apparently a very clever man who fell on to hard times for the love of (...Read full memory)

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