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Memories of Chessington

This area played a large part in my early life in the late 40s - early 50s. I lived nearby till I was 10yrs old and then I still walked by to go to Moor Lane Junior mixed school and to Brownies on a Friday evening. We would meet Brown Owl from the station and walk passed these shops, then the open ground where there were lots (...Read full memory)

The land opposite the shops in the picture was used by a visiting fair in the summer,because it was so boggy the used railway sleepers to put under their rides, in the winter the land used to flood and my brother and I used to punt the sleepers over the water,only about a foot at the deepest point, great fun.

I do not remember which year that I used to be a choir boy at St Mary about 1952-1956,there used to be myself buddy MacAlpin and michael MacAlpin and Colin Watson,both my parents are buried in the church yard along with my Grand mother .

My grandfather is buried here and the ashes of my grandmother, aunt and her husband are also here. My aunt and her husband got married here in 1941

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