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Memories of Enfield, the Open Air Swimming Pool c1955

Growing up in Enfield, this pool was quite a fave spot, especially during my teens - the 1960s. They always displayed the current temperature, and the security in and out was way ahead of its time - like Fort Knox, I seem to remember. I can also recall feeling horribly self-conscious coming out of the dreadful (...Read full memory)

Swimming at the open air pool was so compulsory at George Spicer and then Kingsmead schools but then we grew a little and in the holidays worked at Pearsons and danced at the Court above Burtons in the market square. Those days it was safe to walk home at night and everyone seemed to know everyone, the town seemed so small (...Read full memory)

There used to be a big sign outside the pool which displayed the temperature of the water that day. When it was our day for swimming, one of us was sent down from George Spicers school to see what the day's torture would be. The threshhold was 58 degrees F - if above, we all trooped down there. I remember a number of times the runner came back with the news it was 57! Funny that.

Clearest memory of those days is the short walk down from George Spicers, cossies and towels tucked under our arms plus the compulsary rubber hat. Afterwards we could buy a thick slice of bread and marge for a penny. It was always cold and you didn't seem to warm up for the rest of the day. I never did (...Read full memory)

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