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Caption for Gorleston, The Pier 1904: This solid structure, with its massive piles and defences, hints at the treacherous seas seafarers confronted off the Norfolk coast. An elegant lady shields her pale skin from the sun with a parasol. Beyond her, anglers cast their lines in expectation and a steamer prepares to berth at the quay.

An extract from Norfolk Photographic Memories.

Memories of Gorleston-on-Sea

"Hold his hand and, don't let him fall in", were my dear old mum's famous last words. As an 8 year old when this photo was taken, keeping an eye on an accident prone 6 year old brother was no easy task. Off we went on the old steam train all the way from London to stay with our grandfather in Pier Plain, and I (...Read full memory)

When I went to work in Great Yarmouth all those years ago I managed to find a 'home-from-home 'at 5 Pavilion Road at Gorleston. At number 4 lived Doris Little and her family. One night while just about to climb into bed the chimney breast fell in - missing me by a cat's whisker! There was large hole in (...Read full memory)

We use to fish in the Quay by going down to the water by the little jetty shown in the picture. I fished with a small wined up fishing line. Must have been about 9/10m years old. The only fish I court I couldn't take of the hook because it wriggled to much, never fished since!!

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