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Memories of Guildford, the Roof Garden c1960

In the late fifties and early sixties myself and my family lived just outside Guildford (where I was born in 1951) and my mother used to take me after school on shopping trips to Guildford High Street and into Harveys as it was then, as she knew the fashion buyer there. As a treat we would go up to the wonderful roof (...Read full memory)

I had a Saturday job at Harveys and I was paid £1 for the day. It would have been about 1964-65. I remember working in the toy department one Christmas and loving it; so much easier than the paper round on the Sunday. Harvey's had creaking floorboards under heavy carpets and still had Pneumatic Tube Transport for sending money and receiving change in a cylindrical tube.

My friends Carole, Linda & I would go to this roof top garden for a glass of orange juice.  We were only 12 at the time and this garden was on the top of Harvey Department Store in the High Street.  We would sit at the seats in this picture and watch as there were many goldfish swimming in the water there and made for a very relaxing sit in the sun.  

I can happily remember the roof garden cafe, it was wonderful with frothy coffee in little glass cups, and we would sit on one of the "island's" that the stepping stones in the picyure led to. I also remember my sister Sue being about 3 or 4 and her falling in the pond head-first trying to touch the fish,   Mum had to dry her out in the loo.

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