Haslemere, Churchyard, Professor Tyndall's Grave 1916

Memories of Haslemere

The Haslemere Railway Station is the building on the right handside of the photo, on the left is the Haslemere Hotel, now known as the Inn On The Hill.

This is a picture of the Petworth Road (formerly East Street), looking away from Haslemere High Street.

The car is parked outside the White Horse Hotel in Haslemere High Street, with the National Westminster Bank in the background.

As a young Laboratory Assistant, when the building and estate was in the hands of the Admiralty Signals Establisment, I knew the house and grounds. The Cricket Pitch area was covered with Nissan huts. I also remember the large number of exotic trees and plants in the extensive grounds. In season the peaches were large and juicy. Has the house been demolished?

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