A Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis FrithA Grand Spell of Sunshine - The Life and Legacy of Francis Frith

Other Memories from Haslemere

My sisters were both married here. As kids we would hurl fencepost sticks to get the conkers to fall from the horse chestnut trees every September - not always mindful of the cars passing by.........

This was ‘Denny Stone’ menswear store - Mr Stone lived in Petworth Rd. He had a son - Roger - who had a souped-up Austin A35 which was allegedly capable of 100mph, which he demonstrated while giving me a lift to Milford to my girlfriend’s house. My knees were knocking when I got out......

I remember working in the laundry in wey hill for many years when I left my home town of Birmingham, I have some great memories of my days there, starting in the wash room and getting to know everyone there. My Nan was the first of a number of my family to work there. I still remember my old boss Mr Bob Young who became a great friend of mine and we spent many good times in the Red Lion pub having a few ...see more

Added 21 January 2015
As a young Laboratory Assistant, when the building and estate was in the hands of the Admiralty Signals Establisment, I knew the house and grounds. The Cricket Pitch area was covered with Nissan huts. I also remember the large number of exotic trees and plants in the extensive grounds. In season the peaches were large and juicy. Has the house been demolished?

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