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Caption for Mountain Ash, Colliery C1955: Coal mining in South Wales has declined still further since this photograph was taken. Mountain Ash was then a thriving colliery, but the entire South Wales coal industry has been much reduced in subsequent years.

Memories of Mountain Ash

We moved to Mount 1962, I started school at Darran Las Infant School. Then moved on to the Comprehensive. How big it looked and the kids where so grown up. The grounds where just beautiful and the old house was incredible. The rooms where so filled with atmosphere. My imagination went wild. Staying behind use to scare (...Read full memory)

The water was not just cold, but freezing! A few of us always wanted to go for a swim before school (very brave of us) but we never did. I never went off the stages, they were too high for me. Living in Cefnpennar we spent most of the time swimming in the warm reservoir even in the winter. Did you see the photo I put in the Cynon Valley Leader? Most of the time we swam in the buff.

My name is Peter Weeks and I lived on Llanwoanno Road. Every Sunday I would cross this bridge with my elder brother Kenneth, on our way to the Baptist Chapel. This was the time of steam trains. We could hear the trains comming a long time befor they reached the bridge. When we heard the train we used to run to where the (...Read full memory)

My name is Martin Flower. I lived in 21 Bailey St. The field at the back of our house is where I would spend most of the day. There was a crowd of us and we would make Dutch arrows, yes you cannot use them today. If you could see forty arrows in the air it was some sight. And when there was a flood Nieno's cafe lost all (...Read full memory)

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