Nantwich, Brine Baths Hotel 1898

Memories of Nantwich

I do not have a memory of Acton, Cheshire, I have recently been researching my family tree and found numerous family members come from Acton, Cheshire, their surname was Jameson and they were there starting from 1841.

My father did not drink smoke nor gamble, he had only one ( vice ) fishing, every week end we used to cycle from Crewe to various rivers or canals around Crewe, on this occasion we went to the Basin End just outside Nantwich, it had rained heavy the night before and I was told to keep away from the edge of the (...Read full memory)

I have taken possesion of a very tired silver watch. On the back is engraved 'Presented to Rev J Pearce by the Welsh Row Choir. July 1927'. Does anyone have an interest in the watch?

I was a trainee residential social worker at Elm House, Christmas 1974. I spent 2 months at several residential establishments working for the old Cheshire County Council. Fond memories of matron Dolly Barrett and cook Nan.

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