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Caption for New Mill, The Village C1955: The hamlet of New Mill grew up near the canal north of Tring around Tring Mill, now Heygate Flour. The mill was built as a corn mill, and mill workers' cottages grew up along the Tringford Road, complete with an 1870s elementary school. This view looks south-west along the Bulbourne Road, with 1890s cottages on the left and the New Mill Social Centre on the right.

An extract from Aylesbury Photographic Memories.

Memories of New Mill

Behind the Implement Gate you can just see a large house that has now been demolished to make way for a not very pretty estate. The large house was owned by the Calverton family who were considered to be very 'posh', and were often seen riding their horses around the village, they had stables on land at the (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1949 and lived in New Mill until 1973. I clearly remember the Implement gate, what happened to it? We used to meet there as boys, close to the canal where we played football in a field known as "Sewage Farm Stadium" as it adjoined the open sewage works where we dug worms for fishing. There was very (...Read full memory)

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