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Memories of Ogmore Vale

I never lived in Ogmore Vale but my parents and grandparents did. We went there for holidays and stayed in my grandparents house in 9 Highland Place. They were the Jones family. Grandfather was the organist and choir master at the Wesley chapel. He was a tailor by trade. My aunt was a teacher as was my mother May (...Read full memory)

All my fathers family came from Ogmore Vale he moved to England but every summer we had our holidays in Ogmore ,i remember the Lymp and the ice cream parlour next door i used to go about with Dia Griggs Titch Gregory and frank and roger hunt great times.I lived there for a while in the 50s we played down the new pits though (...Read full memory)

I was born and brought up in 3 Gwendoline St Nantymoel. I went to school there, first the infants then the Secondary Modern. My childhood was wonderful with plenty of friends living in the Wauns or 'the field', as our area was called. We also played in the forestry where we dammed up the streams to paddle in. We (...Read full memory)

The photograph is that of the miner's hall where films were shown. It was also used for pantomimes and other functions. The Lymp referred to in the memory of David Whitney is the Olympia Cinema, owned by Mr Adams. I lived in Pantyraw and went to school, first in Ogmore Vale, then Nantymoel. I left the (...Read full memory)

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