Pwllheli, West End Hotel 1897

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Memories of Pwllheli

I lived in Picton Castle,and as a thirteen year old, I delighted to throw plums off our tree down into the playground of Troed Y Allt school,and watch the scramble of the children take place! It was whilst we lived there that the entire walls were covered with stone pieces, and I would enjoy jumping off the scaffold onto a big heap of sand. Happy days indeed.

My family used to go every Whit week to a guest house run by a Mrs Bradshaw at this end of the promenade, late 1950s - early 1960s. It was very special. Driving towards the seafront the road went steeply upwards until at last - a view of the sea, and that beautiful smell of seaweed, which takes me (...Read full memory)

I went to this school in 1957 my teacher was Miss Jones she lived near Pwllheli she always wore a smock flowery pattern when she was teaching us she was lovely also i remember Wendy Shields

As young parents along with our two daughters we would spend many happy vacations in Pwllheli.  Mostly at Butlins Holiday Camp. So many happy memories, arriving at the camp, hoping we would get Blue Camp as it was closer to the amusements and the tennis courts.  The times we would visit the Pwllheli Market. So many happy memories (...Read full memory)

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