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Devon Churches Photographic Memories

Devon Churches Photographic Memories

The photo 'Sidmouth, All Saints' Church 1906' appears in this book.

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Caption for Sidmouth, All Saint's Church 1906: All Saints was built in 1837 on land donated by Sir John Kennaway. Construction cost £3,000 of which £1,500 was given by Rev Joseph Bradney. In 1869 Rev Baring Baring Gould became vicar; he was one of the enormous tribe of Baring Goulds, of whom the most famous was Sabine Baring Gould of Lew Trenchard.

An extract from Devon Churches Photographic Memories.

Memories of Sidmouth

Each August huge numbers of dancers and musicians head to Sidmouth for the annual folk festival - a week long event which celebrates our national heritage of music, dance and song. This year I was able to play my piano accordian at the festival for the first time for many (...Read full memory)

This view is little different from the one seen by Whitethorn Morris at the Sidmouth International Folk Festival on several occasions in the 1980's. We danced and I played my accordian for the Whitethorn Band on the prom and in "The Arena".   On the last Friday night of the festival we danced our way (...Read full memory)

This memory is on behalf of a friend who was evacuated from London to Sidmouth in 1944. Her recollection is fairly vague but she was allocated to Brackendale, Ice House Lane which was owned by  Mrs Elizabeth, Henriatta Jane Perryman  (purchased in May 1934) and run by two ladies, Miss Hood and Miss Fitzgerald. Education (...Read full memory)

My Great, Great Aunt was Beatrice Spencer. She was a milliner and owned the Millinery/Hat Shop in Fore Street from the early 1900's . The shop was called Spencer's and Beatrice (Aunt Beat) lived on the premises, keeping a large dog for security! She was a remarkable woman and remained single until aged 70 when (...Read full memory)

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