Memories of Southport

My Aunt and Uncle used to take me to Peter Pans Pool when I stayed with them in the summer holiday. One day on the round a bout thing you pushed and then jumped on, a girl eating a banana ice lolly threw up and we all caught a bit !! Since then I cannot eat or smell anything banana flavoured with out reliving that day. A mere 60 years ago.

I have Vague memories of being sent here to convalesce when I was little I remember being very poorly all the time with asthma and i almost died once from this, i do remember crying as i did not want to go and hated watching my dad walk away leaving me there but can not remember much else or how long I stayed here but i do remember nuns which is strange i really wish i could remember more xx

My Grandmother, Bessie Tarver, wrote a book about her life from 1891-1919. She mentions going to Southport, after her mother's death in 1897. She describes going to the pleasure fair and going to her friend's house, which was Sephton House, Princes Street, Southport. Her friend's name was Nellie. (...Read full memory)

When I was about 2 I was very ill and after leaving the Children's Hospital I went to a convalescent home in Southport. I have very little memory of this.. I was told it was a Catholic home. My mother was very worried. When she came to take me home she said I looked lovely, glowing and all the Nuns were giving me (...Read full memory)

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