Memories of Wheaton Aston, Long Street 1952

I fondly remember the many nature walks we took behind the school. Im speaking of the old school on school rd. Muddy trails, lots of foxgloves. But we were always warned about an older man that did not like the children being around. Dont exactly remember his name "Thompson" maybe but he was considered (...Read full memory)

I lived at the Forge, Long Street, Wheaton Aston, between 1955 to 1959 when I moved to Wolverhampton. I would be very interested if anybody has any pictures of the Forge. The house stood opposite Whiteways the butchers and next to the car park for the Coach and Horses pub. There was a slaughter house down Frog Lane then. The (...Read full memory)

I have a picture at home with my great-great-grandmother feeding chickens by the trees on the left taken around 1880. My great-great-grandfather, Joseph Smith, was the village wheelwright. I have relatives who have lived in the village back since 1780. I was best friends with Vincent Small and Clive (...Read full memory)

Hello to all who live in Wheaton Aston and indeed to those that once lived there. I came with my family. rrother, sister and mother in 1954. Over the years and through reading articles on this site. Wheaton Aston seems to have acquired a poor name. This in my case, I could not agree with. (...Read full memory)

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