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Caption for Wickham, Bridge Street c1950: Bridge Street curves down to the river. A variety of architecture is to be enjoyed here, from red brick houses to timber-framed cottages. The front doorsteps at the house on the left lead on to the road - not user-friendly, perhaps.In the distance we can see the spire of St Nicholas's Church; nside, the church has no aisles. Behind the photographer is the Square.

Memories of Wickham, Bridge Street 1951

Hi, I have pictures of the cottages in Bridge Street ,I think it is 9 BS, where my father's grandmother Emily Pratt lived, she was born in 1856 and died 1914. We have a lot of family ties to this area as most of my father's side of the family came from Wickham, they lived and worked as market gardeners and also lived (...Read full memory)

In the early 1970s my brother and I were put in the children's home at the bottom of Dairymore, I remember a stream just outside, a lawn area with a tree and it being opposite the school. We would really love to see some photos of that time and/or here from anyone who may have been at the school, gone to the children's (...Read full memory)

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